Sunday, 25 March 2012

Growing Feet are Expensive Feet!

On Friday while the Munchkin was still at pre-school, The Workaholic and I took the Little Man to buy his soccer boots.

My plan was to spend $30.   Extra wide feet foiled that little plan, as usual.

Of course they had to be blue...

So we walked out of the shop with $70 soccer boots, for a five year old.   I guess my winter wardrobe from last year will make it through another season...

The worst part of the entire experience was the discovery that the shoes we needed to purchase are one and a half sizes larger that his school shoes and school runners.  Yep.  His school shoes are too small and I bought them one and half sizes too big.  At least I know  why he keeps telling me they are too small!  They ARE!

It is the end of week 8 of Term 1!  Not even a whole term out of them.

There is definitely no new winter wardrobe in my 2012.  All my money will go on replacing school shoes!!

Heading into the end of Term 1, how are your kids school shoes holding up?


  1. I feel like all I do is buy my 3 year old t-shirts, I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the football boot stage!

    1. Oh his shoes give me nightmares. He has feet off the width scale. School shoes option was the only pair that were G+ width. No choice ever. His first shoes and retty much every pair other than thongs, have cost me more than $90. Not good when they are obviously growing quickly!! I bought my 2 year old a size 5 shirt at Big W today. Shame on you Big W I said to myself. I should complain...


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