Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Wander in Taronga

Yesterday morning, I made the decision to take advantage of the totally unexpected spectacular Sydney weather.

Spectacular weather, spectacular view.

We are Zoo friends thanks to my lovely Mum giving us memberships for Christmas each year and usually go to the Zoo a lot.  This year though a combination of the weather and the Little Man starting school has conspired against us.

Anyway I suggested the visit to my boys at about 9.30 and they were dressed and in the car by 10.  A bit of an amazing achievement.  They really wanted to go.

We packed some water, snacks and the sunblock and hit the road.

We discussed the fact that it was not an all day trip and decided on a path to take and what to see while we were driving through the usual traffic in Mosman.

One thing we almost never do is the seal show.  I went with the Little Man when the new area was first built, but I thought it was a really bad design and found myself worrying about exits and emergencies like a crazy person (I can't help it, the Zoo is a place I find infuriating as a Mother, I'll tell you why in a post soon, but lets just say I am constantly sending feedback to the Zoo), we have not been back since.  So yesterday, the weather had me in such a good mood I proposed a viewing.  The boys ended up loving it.  I thought it was a bit preachy about eating sustainable fish, but that's my personal issue, I hate being told what to do!!

So the highlights of our impromptu Zoo visit according to my boys were, the seal show, the baby tigers (getting big, but still so cute!), the tawny frogmouth who engaged us in conversation and of all things, the guinea pigs & bunnies.

I see a guinea pig in the House of O's future

All up my day cost me $6 for parking in the Zoo carpark.

Did you do anything with your kids this weekend?


  1. We love the zoo too! I'd love to read your post about its failings. It drives me nuts too and I wonder if it's for the same reasons! x

    1. Coming soon... I want to get it just right, there are quite a few things!

  2. Replies
    1. I wonder when G comes around on the letter calendar? LOL~!


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