Thursday, 1 March 2012

Brought to You by the Letter of the Week, T

So in Kindergarten (at our school anyway) these days they get the kids to give a couple of verbal presentations each week. 

One is a news item and each week it is to be something starting with the letter of the week.

The other is a verbal book review of the one of the two library books they have had out for the week.

He has both on the same day, Wednesday.  The Little Man loves Wednesdays.  My future politician love to present to the class.

Now as I mentioned earlier, here, I am rebelling against homework but we do read the library books and I help locate and think up three points to talk on for news time (usually in the car on the way to school). So far We have done a couple.

M for Millipedes, which we collected and popped into a Chinese takeaway continer with some decaying leaves.  Together we looked up some information about millipedes on the internet and printed out the word for him to take along.  He was declared News of the Week by his classmates for that one.  Oh the pressure.  Starting high.  Bad move.

Image from here

Next was S.  He really wanted to take slugs but I took pity on his teacher Mrs M, who found the millipeded rough going and encouraged a skateboard instead.  We googled the parts of a skateboard and printed out a diagram of them for him to use in conjuction with the skateboard.  He was happy.

This week it is the letter T.  I am failing miserably.  Nothing I suggested floats his boat.  I've taken myself out of the equation.  T has defeated me, and I don't care.

So what did he take?  A  Toy Tiger.  Two T's, he's very impressed with himself.

I feel I have been duped into participating in homework afterall.


  1. Tea?
    Taser? ...err, maybe not!

  2. Taser! I so wish... It has been one of those weeks I'm afraid!! Next week is I. I am stuffed!!


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