Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday

What happens to the laundry when the Munchkin
is unsupervised for a few minutes...

I'm joining in with My Little Drummer Boys & faith hope and a whole lotta love for Wordless Wednesday.

Thanks for dropping by.

My Little Drummer Boys


  1. LOL!! Oh dear! I shouldn't laugh... ;)

  2. What a very helpful little munchkin you have there. hehe :P

  3. Lol, that happens here too... just not only in the laundry

  4. That looks like my laundry - ALL the time.

  5. Little bugger!

    my Nicholas did that to me yesterday but turned the front loader to 95degrees and rinse cycle for a coloured wash and everything is ruined!!!

  6. My two year old has started to dress herself with her choice of clothes. I've been so tempted to put her clothes at a level she can reach in her cupboard but then stop myself every time to avoid a potential mess like yours! I'd just be tempting fate.

  7. He emptied the dirty washing basket out of it's cupboaard and all over the floor - his favourite place at the moment is the laundry.

    @Gemma, he does that too.

    He also plays in the kitty litter and the cat food.

    @Mixed Gems, I have one reachable rack in my boys wardrobes for them to choose from. The Munchkin has also taken to emptying his brothers wardrobe drawers any chance he gets...

  8. oh dear, my laundry looks like that without the help of a 2 year old! I have no excuse! hehehe Happy WW x

  9. Oh that would so happen and does happen in our house!

  10. The kidlets here are also under the misguided impression that the washing looks better on the floor as opposed to in the basket

  11. They are like tornado's arnt they. We get that scene here alot lol

  12. Happy WW on Thursday !
    Funny or not so funny !
    My son has been doing this to get dirty clothes out - to save me washing - since he says he's getting dirty again .
    He doesn't pick up the rest though he has tossed out.
    Thanks for linking up.

  13. How er, thoughtful! I feel your pain x


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