Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Two Weeks and Two Years

I've been absent from the blogosphere the last two weeks.

I've pretty much been absent from normal life.

You see, we have a stalker, again.  Not in a cool, "look at me I'm a rock star" way, but the way that makes you scared to walk out the front door when it is dark and you have a mental catalogue of the nearest weapon running through your head at all times.  The type that makes threats against your family and is just crazy enough that you have to worry that he knows where you live.

So now he doesn't.

One very speedy and very expensive move has been orchestrated over the last two weeks.  One week of which I spent in bed or on the lounge, first with terrible tonsillitis and then the gastro bug going around.   Thank goodness for our well established relationship with our local movers and their pre-pack service.  This is the fourth time we have used them.  Apparently that is very uncommon, people don't move more than four times in four years, usually...

Anyway, we've moved.  I'm half unpacked and the boys are settled in to their new rooms.

Which brings me to the Two Years part of this posts title.

Today is the Munchkin's second birthday.  He's had a fabulous day that began with presents and ended with cake, pretty much a two year old's perfect day!

Last week

The Munchkin Smiles

And Then,
The Little Man Meets the Munchkin

The last two years have been challenging, so so difficult and wonderful all rolled into one cheeky little package.  The Munchkin is all action all of the time.  He is a charmer.  He is a big personality.  He is hard work and without a doubt just going to get harder.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Little Man adored him from the moment he walked around the corner in my hospital room and exclaimed "Oh Mummy, he came out!" and spent the next hour inspecting every part of this new little person.  It's wonderful to see brothers play so well together.

Happy Birthday my Munchkin.  Mummy loves you!

* The stalker is connected to the Workaholic  and  issues relating to his old job. The police are involved.  I feel safe returning to blogging and posting photos of the boys.  Please don't worry about them, I would never knowingly put them in danger.

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