Saturday, 14 May 2011

The excitement of going out without children

Today we have a new babysitter starting.  (This post is from Thursday and blogger went down before I could post it).

It is one of the most exciting moments of recent times in this house.

The boys are absolutlely beside themselves because the babysitter is someone they love.  The missing teacher has agreed to become our regular babysitter.  She has a new job which is also fairly local and is missing the Little Man so much she is as excited as we are!

I am so excited because I know I will find out the REAL story behind her departure and obviously I GET TO GO OUT!!

I got a fantastic reference for her from her old boss, the Director of the pre school who is currently on Maternity leave so I know a little of the politics and why she left, but nothing like getting it from the horses mouth!!

Did I say I AM GOING OUT!!??


  1. Enjoy your time out together.

    We had an evening without the kids last Saturday - it was the first time since Dec 2009.

    We almost got one again tonight as the kids both had a disco. Pity Girl Child got sick partway through. Well at least we got to have half a drink toghether!

  2. We had a great time. Just a movie but it is so good to know we have a regular and reliable sitter now. We will be doing it much more regularly. It's hard when ther is nobody local to help out.


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