Saturday, 14 May 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

The weird way the universe lines things up in a row.

What am I talking about? Well it goes like this.

The Workaholic has been particularly invisible just lately.  Work pressure has had him working even on Sunday afternoons.  The Munchkin has even been upset when I've left him with his Dad because he sees him so infrequently.  He is so tired when he does get home he doesn't even grunt at me, just collapses on the couch to watch his recorded news and usually ends up staying there snoring until the wee hours when he crawls into bed for a few precious hours proper sleep. I know you are thinking "What a terrible wife, leaving him there", but it's self preservation, he is worse than a bear with a sore head if he's disturbed. Learned that the hard way!

Anyhow, he was extra tired and grumpy on Mothers Day, and yes he worked in the afternoon and late into the evening.  So I started an "enough is enough" conversation with him.  He was there for it, but gave no indication he was listening.  I just rolled my eyes and prepared for another week full of more of the same.

On Monday evening he came home and told me that in the morning, out of the blue he had had an offer to buy the company (which he has been running for his Dad) and then even more out of the blue, that same afternoon he had had a phone call from someone he hasn't seen for a few years, offering him a GREAT job!

Now, I'm fairly certain that is the Universe speaking volumes.

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  1. Fabulous. The worls is opening up for you guys.

    x jill

  2. Fantastic opportunities! xx

    *New Follower**
    Popping over from Maxabella loves...

  3. Oh Sam-O, that is fabulous news. I love that the universe has been listening to your honest pleas and have given you something more amazing. Just popping over from Maxabella Loves... xx

  4. Kymmie, Monkeys and Jill, I am pretty stoked. he's a little flat though, even though he knows it's right, he feels a bit like a failure. Thanks for your comments and dropping by. Sx


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