Thursday, 5 May 2011

Scrapbook Retreat

I'm going to admit it out loud. I scrapbook.  I am so embarrassed by this.  I always used to sit in my bead and craft shop that definitely did not sell scrapbooking materials and look down my nose at these weird people who came in looking for them.

Now here I am counting down the days until my Girly-Child free-Scrapbooking retreat in a couple of weekends.  The excitement is starting to build.  Did I mention it's CHILD FREE!!

Last June I was dragged kicking and screaming went along to a Creative Memories Workshop with a friend.  I figured I had heaps of their product (thanks to a couple of friends who have worked in the CM Head office) and a stack of baby photos either on my laptop or sitting around in boxes, so what the heck? I'd at least get a couple of baby books done for the boys.

Turns out, I struck gold.  I love the group.  I go every month, sometimes twice and we scrap and gossip away for hours on end, AWAY from my house and kids.

I have to admit I'm pretty sure belonging to this group and having this outlet saved my sanity in July/August last year.

Anyway the group had just been on their annual retreat when we joined their regular workshop and we heard lots about it.  So in July when the next one was announced for May this year, I put my hand up for both of us and payed our deposits.  My friend needs a little nudge in these things at times...

I am in the process of working out which projects I'm going to work on and what extra photos I need printed.  It's pure escapism and I think I am enjoying it just as much as I will enjoy the weekend away from home!

Here are some samples of some pages I did when I first started.  I will post some 1 year on after I report on my time at the retreat.

Love this one. We are Zoo Friends and we go ALL the time,
 but we still take lots of photos.

This was Australia Day in 2008.
The Little Man started walking and he had his first stay in a 5 star Hotel.
I love pages with lots of photos...

Another photo loaded page.  This is my Nephew's birthday at Sydney Park.

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