Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Using Style to Avoid Hitting the Books

I should be studying.  I am behind and it is just a couple of weeks into the trimester.

Sadly instead I am watching the Style channel and thinking about going for a swim, it is really hot here in Sydney today (for a change!).

It amazes me where they find these people who appear on "How Do I Look?", are there actually people out there dressing like that? Is it only in America and that is why I don't notice them down at Westfields? Maybe I am one of them and therefore completely deluded!

Next I am going to be deeply invested in the goings on of the team at Glam Fairy.  Now, that's classy reality TV.  Actually now that I am thinking about it, it really should not be on a channel called Style.  There really is not much style on displayed on this show!!

The reason I am not studying is that I have two tests to complete by next week.  I hate tests.  Always have. The crazy thing is if I just read the work and did the exercises, I'm sure the tests are not that taxing as I really like the subjects I am doing this trimester.  I just have such a block when it comes to tests.

Even sitting here typing about how simple it would be to do the work and whizz through the tests has not moved me off the lounge towards the office.

Usually when I am avoiding study I clean the house, but today it is already done. 

What is your go to task when you are avoiding something?

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  1. I'm hearing you Sam! I've got an assignment to complete and while I'm nearly there, I am so sick of the sight of it that I keep reading bogs instead. Good luck with your work.


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