Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ahhh, The Best Laid Plans...

This little Bub is the one who has started school. Wasn't he cute??
His teacher has already discribed him as a "Big Personality". Hmmm

The Little Man starting school has not gone exactly as I had planned.

I have not started culling toys.

I have not even begun organising the house. If anything it is worse than ever!

It has been so difficult getting used to the early starts and the day flies by so that before I know it I am waking the Munchkin and getting him in the car to hit the traffic of the school run.

The whole week has been complicated even more by the Workaholic being home off and on.  He was retrenched the week he went back to work after Christmas.  He has been splitting his time between a couple of contract jobs and job interviews.  I cannot wait for him to get back into some regular routine so we can aim for the same.  It would also be great to know where the money for this months bills will be coming from!!

I am starting back at University in the next couple of weeks.  At this point nothing I had planned to have sorted before then is going to be achieved and I have an assessment one week in!

Woe is me Huh?

I'll be OK tomorrow but today I'm exhausted and it all seems just too much.  I've been up the last three nights with the Munchkin who has croup and ended up on oxygen yesterday because his airway was so closed off.  He has embraced the Ventolin and is much improved today but I am just wiped.

I'm starting to believe all those wise Mums who told me I would not get into a decent routine until term 3! Say it isn't so?!

How long did it take to get into an organised routine when your kids started Big School?

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