Friday, 24 February 2012

Adjusting to Changes

2012 has been challenging so far.

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I can not believe we are approaching the end of February and I am still not settled into my new normal.

The Little Man starting school and the Munchkin starting pre-school have meant much earlier mornings and for this little black duck that has been rather traumatic.  I am soooo not a morning person!  The Munchkin is also not a morning person and I think he is suffering the most in this change.  I have to wake him and he holds that against me all day, "Mummy you woke me up!" ALL DAY.

The Workaholic is still between jobs which has been extremely disruptive.  We are used to him being gone at 6am and not home until the boys, and often I, am in bed.  Having him around has been great for school drop offs and pickups when the Munchkin is asleep, but it messes with any sort of routine.

Croup struck the Munchkin down a few weeks ago and I had him languishing on the lounge instead of at pre-school.  He was so generous he passed it on to me.  I of course got a super version of his virus and spent 7 out of 9 days in bed.  So so sick.

University started and today is my first test.  Minimal study has occurred as my laptop is still dead.  I've been too sick to get it repaired.  The Workaholic has given me his to use but it is dying too and drives me mad!!

Frankly, January and February have been total right offs!  I am starting to feel that I am getting on top of the changes 2012 has brought, I am so hoping that by the end of March I will be able to say I am in control!

How has 2012 been for you so far?  Are you having a better time of it than me?


  1. No changes for me so far this year, except my age! I'd just be happier to see more sun, and that has happened this week, finally!

    I'm on the downhill run to finish my studies and that's all I can focus on. Good luck with yours, and I hope things are on the improve in March.

  2. Lisa, I'm so jealous!
    Also I'm struggling to get the reply option working on the blog (love it on yours BTW). It worked for 1 day before vanishing into the inter-ether, I'm so flustered by everything else I can't focus long enough to work it out!!


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