Friday, 3 February 2012

The School Run is a Killer - Part 2

Hugh would look good in a Potato Sack, but I bet he
doesn't give his school run outfit a second thought!
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The Little Man is loving school, three days in and he is still in love with everything, even his uniform. It consists of shorts, shirt, long socks, tie, hat and a suit jacket. I think we are very lucky that Summer is non existent in Sydney this year, otherwise that would have worn thin very quickly!

I however am waaaaay over the school run.

On top of the traffic issues, I am not coping with the school run fashion parade.  This is three days in. What am I going to do say, next week?  It is a serious issue (it is in my head).  We chose a local independant school.  I budgeted for school fees, uniforms (including, 4 bags! WTF?), text books, stationery, extra curricular activities and sport.  I forgot to budget for my wardrobe.  There are no Mums in their PJ's here.  Even wearing two outfits I like because they are deceptively casual, adding accessories, my best 2 carat zircs in my ears, slapping on make up at an obscenely early hour of the morning and, wait for it, seriously I can't believe this bit either, blow drying, actually styling, my hair (OK those of you who know me IRL, pick yourselves off the floor and read on).

I actually woke The Workaholic yesterday morning to get his approval on my outfit. Who am I???


I am NOT a fashion conscious person.  I like tunic tops and skinny jeans with lots of stretch.  I like a handbag that fits stuff in it and does not cost as much as my laptop.  I don't read Vogue.  I get my hair done when I get around to it (my grey roots are about 8cm at the moment...).  Most of all I like a bargain, which means I buy it at the end of the season, not when it is in fashion.

I am trying to be Me, which in normal circumstances does not give a rats arse what people think, but the problem is, I went to an independent school so  I know what blending in means for the Little Man.  Or is that all smoke and mirrors?

Help! I need to work this out before I go insane!

What's your take? Are you a fashionable school Mum? Is it important? Who to?

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