Monday, 27 February 2012

Finally, I am Starting a Week on a high!

I coughed up for a professional job.

I was toying with the idea of a home dye job, but instead I made an appointment late on Friday for Saturday afternoon with my hairdresser, Kylie.  She was horrified when she looked me up and discovered that she last saw me in the beginning of September.  Five and a half months people! Shocker.

I came home with a new do and major attitude adjustment.  It really is true, Mum's NEED to make time for themselves to remain sane.

Taking advantage of being out on my own I also perused shoe stores, lots of them, bought new knickers and scored another yummy denim skirt $50 off the original price.  Love a denim bargain, I a denim gal.

Today the boys and I attended a Princess 3rd Birthday Party.

Princess Cake.

The Munchkin went for a swim in their fountain (as you do), photo bombed (while nude) all of the cake/family photos and came home with Princess rings on every finger. The Little Man had an amazing day with his mates from Pre-School who he has been missing so much and is now planning to play soccer with them (Mum is not so sure about this plan...) on Saturdays for the local club.  They both fell asleep in the car about 500metres from the party house, meaning I had to carry them up the garage stairs to bed when we got home, 500metres further down the road.

The Workaholic cleaned the house while we were out and cooked a yummy dinner.  He has two job interviews tomorrow which is great news.  I managed to get everything organised for the school week before falling into bed to watch Sunday night TV.

Oh so happy, all round the House of O.

How was your weekend?

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