Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Peggy Sue Got Married

is my guilty pleasure.  I've loved it since 1986 when it came out.  I don't care that Kathleen Turner is an actress in her 30's playing a teenager.  I don't even care that Nicholas Cage did a deal with his cousin Francis Ford Coppola to play his role using a voice from Gumby (shudder).  It makes me feel good!

I mean who wouldn't fall for the line:

Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? Peggy Sue is going back with the chance to change her destiny.

Peggy Sue Got Married
Image and quotes from IMDB

Why do I mention this?

Well today I was feeling a combination of stress, agitation and annoyance.  It is all related to the Workaholics job.  The building industry just sux...

Anyway this afternoon I sat down with a cup of tea in the playroom and uncharacteristically flicked on the TV and it was on.  Instant mood change.  Peggy Sue got me through dinner prep, the meal, a bath and the boys into bed.  I feel myself again.

It's probably the cheesy script.  I just love it!

Peggy Sue: Grandpa, if you had a chance to go back and do it all differently, what would you have changed? Barney Alvorg: Well, I would have taken better care of my teeth.

Good advice for us all.

[Peggy Sue hands in her blank algebra test]
Mr. Snelgrove: And what's the meaning of this, Peggy Sue?
Peggy Sue: Well, Mr Snelgrove, I happen to know that in the future I will not have the slightest use for algebra, and I speak from experience.

Didn't we all dream of doing this in school? I mean who didn't love the idea that algebra was useless?

If you haven't seen it, it's fluff.  It's not pretentious. It's chock-full of future stars. It's well worth a watch.  It's on my guilty pleasure top 10 movies list, probably even my number 1!

I'm not telling what the other 9 are... they're all mine.

What's on yours?

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