Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

In the park in my street I noticed this tree
for the first time this week.

I stopped the pram and took some photos
it is amazingly bent to the side.
I definitely did not walk under it!
I had visions of Seven Little Australians!!

It is obviously a popular climb for the
local wildlife and kids!

I'm joining in with My Little Drummer Boys & faith hope and a whole lotta love for Wordless Wednesday.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Oh wow! Has it always been like that or been blown over recently? I wouldn't be walking under it (or taking the pram under it) either!

  2. Wow isn't nature amazing. Great shots :)

  3. What a nice leafy area to live. You could do a 'leaning tower of pisa' shot, pretending you're holding it up.

  4. Wow - I wouldn't be walking under that, either! It's amazing that it's able to stand like that.
    I love Miss Mandy's idea of a photo of you 'holding it up'

  5. It's certainly on an interesting angle, Wonderful Shots.

  6. What a great piece of nature. Lovely photos.

  7. Great shot what an interesting tree!

  8. Lovely to see! You are right I wouldn't stand under it either.

  9. Wow! There is no way I would stand under that. I wonder how long it's been like it for? :)

  10. WOW! that is seriously bent over, I can't see how it would be so tempting to climb!

  11. Looks crazy - amazing but I wouldn;t let my kids climb it.
    Seven Little Australians seriously was a first book that made me cry buckets of tears !
    Thanks for linking up WW.


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