Friday, 24 June 2011

Unfortunately still a little AWOL...

I'm in a creative frame of mind at the moment and the idea of sitting down and blogging has just been too much!

My apologies.  Normal service will soon resume.

I have been working on my boys baby albums since last Saturday, which was my monthly scrapbooking workshop (escape from my real life).  I am all inspired at the moment and powered though 16 pages in every spare moment I have been able to grab.  My friend said something to me on Saturday which along with posts by friends on Facebook and some bloggers about Life insurance, has made me speed up my progress.  She said she wanted both her kids to have their baby album to remember her by if anything should happen to her.

What is it with everyone and mortality at the moment?

Which leads me to my new profile picture:

Self Portrait - 40, hair not done, no make up. Just me.
I was asked by a friend I have not seen for 19 years, how I managed to look the same as I did when I was 21.  I told her, it's simple - My profile picture was taken when I was 21!  This made me feel guilty for having such an old photo representing me, so I took a new one on my phone and uploaded it to Facebook immediately, before I lost the nerve!

I need to lose some weight.  The exchange with her has made me realise that when I jokingly told her that I weigh double what I weighed in the old photo, I was off by only a couple of kilos.  Not cool.

I am definitely going to have to commit to some serious weight loss.  It will at least give me something to blog about!!

The 19 year old photo - just before I turned 21...

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  1. I need to get Grils Childs photos off the computer and put them in an albumn. We had a digital camera when she was born so have most if not all her photos on the PC and not printed.

    I don't wnat to think about my mortality but I think your friend wanting her kids to have baby albums in a nice thought.


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