Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"The Greatest Invention Ever" - NOT! {insert snort here}

I don't understand the need for a rice cooker.

I just heard it described as "the best invention ever".  I did the double take, eyes flickered and I rewound the TV, just to make sure I heard correctly.

I must have missed something here.  I can list about 100 things I would list on my greatest inventions list if I had one, the rice cooker would definitely not be on it!  I'm thinking, electricity, transistors, the computer, the Internet, the telephone, anti-biotics, vaccines, the internal combustion engine, plumbing (think no toilets), camera, compass, pacemaker, condoms, the fridge, well you get the picture.

Rice cooker? Pishhh!

We have rice all the time and I have never even thought "I should buy a rice cooker", perhaps it's because I have never used one, but I mean lets face it, billions of people eat rice everyday without ever even knowing what a rice cooker is.

Can someone explain why I need a rice cooker (it's a given it is NOT the greatest invention ever)?  To me it seems like something else to add unnecessary clutter to my kitchen.

There's not really a point to this post.  I doubt I can be convinced that a rice cooker is an essential item let alone that it is a great invention, but I am interested in your opinion.

Do you have a rice cooker?  Do you love it? Is it a great invention?  Why do I need one?

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  1. I have also wondered this. I gues it's so the rice turns out perfect every time.

    Me - I just cook rice in the microwave. I'd love perfect fluffy, never gluggy rice but I'm not sure I need it or a new appliance that much.

  2. I have a dear friend who is forever bestowing the virtues of a rice cooker. Can't get her to shut up about it, really. One thing she said recently that may be a selling point is that, not only does the rice turn out perfect every time, but you can apparently cook it in advance and it will be warm and ready for you when you need it. Does that convince You?

  3. E - I use the microwave too. I do it as per the cookbook that came with my microwave and I use Doongara rice mostly so I have it down to a fine art.

    HeeWho - No! My cousin tells me similar but I still can't give it cupboard space!

    Thanks for the comments!! I'm glad I'm not alone in my bewilderment.

  4. Dammit - all I got for Christmas was some sliced bread.


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