Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Again, it's not quite a Wordless Wednesday. One day I'll manage a totally Wordless Wednesday...

Today I thought I'd document the last evening of the L o n g W e e k e n d.
Thank goodness that the rest of the week are pre-school days.  The long weekend with The Workaholic in the mix has almost destroyed me!

A couple of spidermen dropped by...
and went away quickly thankfully.

A very long train,
(possibly longer than the available tracks on Sodor)
was coupled up on the playroom floor.

A cuddle began...

and became a rumble...

It contained lots of giggles...

and as quick as it began,
it was over and the train was being moved out of the station.

But of course the Hi jinks were not quite over,
I suggested they pack away, so the Munchkin decided to pack himself away

I'm joining in with My Little Drummer Boys & faith hope and a whole lotta love for Wordless Wednesday.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. My little boy got those pj's for Easter :) Love your story board :)

  2. Both of mine got them. It's love! The cars movie 2 is highly anticipated in this house!! Thanks for the compliment! ;)

  3. They look like they're having a ball! Bet Thomas and all his friends enjoyed that too :) Your little man looks so cute in the box at the end!

  4. Ash, I must say, Thomas and friends are getting a workout lately. I think the 4 tubs of toys I sent to the Sallvos and the re arranging of the playroom brought them back into play. Do you know that Book "My cat likes to sit in boxes"? My son likes to play in boxes!

  5. Adorable! They are just so cute together. Let's hope they always get along as wonderfully as they do right now, rumbles and all! x

  6. We've got a very similar Expedit shelving set up for our toys :)

    That train is so long, I'm impressed.

  7. It's gorgeous photos like these that make me feel a little bit guilty that my little Miss doesn't have a sibling!

  8. Thanks Maxabella. We say, "Be good to your brother and you will have a friend for life."

    Marita, we have the big one and the 2x4 size. They are great. The drawers haven't faired so well. We buy them everytime we visit Ikea.

    Missy Boo, the Little Man has been begging for another baby since November! The Munchkin who is a serious Mummy's boy definitely wont take to being a big brother as well as he did though!


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