Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Birthday Blog

It's my Birthday today,
I'm older than yesterday...

Today I am 40.

Happy Birthday to me. Yay!

What does this mean to me?  Not much really.
I am about to got through IVF again to attempt to have baby number 3.  Is this my midlife crisis baby?  I certainly feel like time is running out so...

I decided I should do a Billy Joel style list of the big moments in my life.  I got this far (in no particular order, just as they came out when I was brainstorming):

The Internet
Mobile Phones
A computer at every desk
Space shuttles & Challenger disaster
Reality TV
Collapse of the Soviet Union
1980 & 1984 Olympic Game boycots
International terrorism - IRA bombings, Munich Olympic Games, Rainbow Warrior.
East Timor
Designer bottled water
First Gulf war (1990s)
September 11
Gulf War
DNA and decoding the humane genome
Fall of the Berlin Wall
End of Apartheid
1970s Oil crisis
Star Wars trilogy
Cable TV
European Union
Exxon Valdez
Pope John Paul 2 assassination attempt
OJ Simpson trial
Michael Jackson trial
Diana Princess of Wales dies
Stem cell debate
IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Google
Indira Ghandi
Marcos (notably Imeldas SHoes!)
Faulklands war
Vietnamese Boat people
Bloody Sunday in Ireland

and then I couldn't remember why this was a good idea, so I stopped.

I had the same problem with a party. Over the Christmas break the Workaholic and I discussed having a joint 40th Birthday Bash. His birthday went by in January and the days rolled on till today and I just can't get enthusiastic about a party.

In fact the theme runs even deeper through the thread of my life at the moment.  I couldn't give anyone an idea for a present nor could I decide on a weekend away (instead of the party).  The last minute decision (and can I just add sadly that I think this may be my Nirvana) was to let the boys have a sleepover at Mums so I could stay home and sleep in my own bed and get up whenever I like... I am sooooo tragic!!

Quite frankly, this would probably rank up there as one of the worst 40th birthday posts EVER.  I just can't be bothered and I am so hoping that it does not set the tone of my life for the next decade!!

I should add that I truly am Glad to be 40, even though it seems unlikely from this post!

My day was amazing.  I had a romantic dinner with the Workaholic last night, a lovely sleep in followed by a bunch of Birthday phone calls.  I then dragged the Workaholic kicking and screaming to a reflexology for two session at my favourite natural therapies place.  Best of all the afternoon was spent at my Mum and Dads with the Boys, my brother, sister in law and niece Lizzy which included prezzies, Lunner (Lunch/Dinner - duh!), Cake and Trifle. Yummo!


  1. A belated Happy birthday to too. It sounds like you had a great day.


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