Tuesday, 2 August 2011

It's Tuesday again...

We have had such a lovely lazy day here in the House of O.

Firstly, we made a group decision that without babysitters we just could not possibly go to Pianorama.  The Little Man finds it just as frustrating as me when we have to take the Munchkin with us.  He has decided to do some extra practice and wow the class next week with his stunningly perfect solo (we'll see how that goes...).

So we had a lovely snuggle in my bed, watched ABC2 and I caught up on my blog reading.  Eventually, at about the time Pianorama class was starting, we wandered out to the kitchen for a very late breaky.  This was a leisurely affair consisting of cereal, fruit, coffee (for me), Milk (for the boys) and raisin toast all round.  Dishwasher on, the Little Man wandered back to my bed and the Munchkin and I battled into the shower.  He is still dodging showers and baths, but I won this round and even got his freshly cut hair washed and the stamp from last Thursday(!) off his forearm.

Eventually everyone was dressed and the beds were made, so we jumped in the car to fill it up with some petrol and get some bread for lunch.  It is such a fabulous day, we pottered around in the front garden for a while before we got into the car and then after we go the petrol we drove around looking at some houses for sale locally.  I am totally in love with a house that has a price tag of just under $5M, I keep driving past and imagining living in it.  I even woke up yesterday morning in the complete certainty that I had won the lottery and would purchase this house.  There are lots of things wrong with that, the main being that I don't buy lottery tickets, but never mind, it was real to me for a short while. 

*Sigh* The House...
If you have a spare $4,950,000 here is the link:
14-16 Billyard Avenue, Wahroonga

Today, with the beautiful weather and some sneaky hot chips picked up on our drive, we parked out the front and gave it a really good looking over.  It really is stunning.  I think we could all imagine ourselves living in it.  After a couple of minutes though, I realised that if I owned this house and lived in it I would totally need a housekeeper, gardener and pool man.  The maintenance costs would be killer.  There is definitely something to be said for a smaller, lower maintenance house!  With this thought clear in my mind, I suddenly did not find the house so desirable and discovered lots of other reasons I would not buy it (yes other than the money thing).  Firstly it is in this location that is a school heavy.  There are four schools almost on top of it, one directly across the road, one four houses up on the corner, one behind and one just around the corner.  Normally I have no problems with school zones but this is quite intense and I know the current residents in that couple of streets are always writing into the local paper having a whine, so it must be bad.  I guess I'll find out next year as the Little Man is going to one of these schools (I'll be part of the problem...).

Anyway, the point is, I am glad I have no hope of buying this house.  I am happy in a smaller space away from school traffic (even if we are under the flight path).  Sometimes you need these little reminders.

I don't know if it is the weather or just realising that I really don't want to buy this house that I have been pining over for weeks, but I am in the best mood.  I don't care that the Workaholic has completely stuffed our finances for June, July and August by helping out his Dad and an assortment of other people instead of us.   We are all safe and wont starve and really they needed it more.   I don't even care that I have to go to an appointment at 4pm that will mean I will need to wake the two sleeping boys to get there in time.  The Little Man has learnt an amazing amount from these Speech sessions so these visits are completely worth the effort.  I am completely in love with my home again and am already reigniting the organising plans that I put on hold while I was feeling sorry for my self over the last couple of weeks.  I've already moved the crib out of my bedroom thanks to my reality check post.  I've even made a few little changes to my blog layout.

So, from starting the day with the thought "Oh Crap it's Tuesday and I don't have a babysitter for the Munchkin for Pianorama" it has become a wonderful day of renewal.  I may even drive over to pick up the Workaholic after our appointment instead of letting him public transport it home.  There is definitely something to be said for a lazy Tuesday...

So how's your Tuesday been?

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  1. Oh. Beautiful house. But in Wahroonga... who can actually afford to live there now? I used to work at Sydney Adventist Hospital, and the chances of living close by were nil.

    But such a beautiful area!!!!

    Are you looking on the north shore?


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