Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pianorama is shortening my life!

Today is Tuesday.

Piano Day!

For the last hour I have been yelling at encouraging the Little Man to colour in his practice in his music book, eat his breakfast, get dressed, stop annoying his dressed and waiting to go brother, get dressed, stop annoying the cat, get dressed, get shoes and socks on.  It is a regular Tuesday morning in the house of O.

Next I will be trying to wrangle him into the car, drop the Munchkin at the babysitters and then onto a piano stool.  Once on the stool, I will watch him play along with the class beautifully until the teacher comes within two metres of him when he will simply forget where the piano is.  Then when it is solo time I will watch as the teacher tries to encourage him to get up and take his turn, he wont.  He'll sing along with the song of the day, he'll dance and participate in the music theory session and of course he will have a ball with the percussion section of the class.  Basically my head will get to bursting point with frustration and I will have a headache for the rest of the day.  Ad don't make me even think about the Tuesdays when the munchkin has  to come along because I can't get a babysitter! *shudder*

Why do I take him you ask?

He wants to go!!  He gets so upset if I suggest we stop going.  He practices up a storm at home.  Loves the piano, at home.

When he went through that bad patch last term, he was still doing well at music class, then suddenly as everything else was returning to normal, he went off the rails at the keyboard.  Doesn't want an audience, but still wants to learn.

I can totally do without the stress but I am hoping it is just a rough patch and it will all be back to normal soon.  Puhhleeese!!??

Do you take your kids to an activity that literally gives you a headache every week?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!!

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