Saturday, 30 July 2011

This Week I'm Grateful for...

the Little Man's ability to make and maintain friendships.

Today was National Tree Day (and I am also very grateful to live in a tree heavy part of Sydney) and it was also the end of Pyjama and Teddy Bear's Picnic week at the Little Man's pre-school.  There was a tree planting ceremony and a Teddy Bear's Picnic this morning for the parents to attend.  The Munchkin and I wagged his swimming lesson to participate (shhhh, don't dob on us!!).  It was a really nice morning, even the bit where the kids decided it would be HILARIOUS to bury the Little Man's Mummy's shoes in the sand pit.

While I was there I had a chance to chat to some of the parents I don't normally get to see.  It really made me feel so grateful that the Little Man has made such good friends in his short life and is definitely emotionally ready for Big School next year as some of them are deciding to hold their kids back after the parent teacher feedback they have received.  He is part of a tight little group of four at pre-school, they have been fast friends for about 18 months.  They have a genuine attachment to each other, but are still able to accept other children into their games. 

A photo of the mates last year,
image from the pre-school website

Monkeying around today...

He has also made friends outside of pre-school. 

He has a friend he's had since before they were born(on the same day)!  His mother and I used to chat in the Obstetrician's office!  Even when they don't see each other for months, they talk about each other and have a wonderful time together, picking up where they left off as if no time has passed.

My Facebook catch up with a long lost friend from high school who lives locally (I'm very grateful that we found each other again after 24 years), has led to another friendship for my Little Man (and me).  We met up last year at a local park.  Before I found her, our boys had found each other and were on their way to becoming firm friends!

There are many stories like these.  He's managing to make friends quite effortlessly.  I am very proud.

Unfortunately, I am also painfully aware of the increasing size of his birthday parties...

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  1. What a lovely name for your blog.CRAP mumm sent me

  2. Nice one Sam! It's amazing how quickly they grow up. It sounds like wagging swimming lessons was worth it... I'm sure the Munchkin thought so too!
    Lisa x

  3. Thanks for the comments! I'm very chuffed that CRAP Mumma gave me a mention today! Thanks for visiting!

    Lisa, it is scary!

    I've just realised todays Grateful post was my 100 post! That feels like a milestone... So I'll add here, I am so grateful for blogging and reaching my 100th post and that there are people out there reading it! Thanks guys.

  4. 100 posts! Go Sam-O!

    I don't know this CRAP Mumm... I will have to investigate!

    And the main thing I wanted to say (when I wasn't getting distracted reading your comments) was that the ability to make and keep close friendships is one of the keys to everlasting happiness. So glad that your little fella has nailed it. What a weight off a mumma's mind! x


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