Saturday, 9 July 2011

This week I'm grateful for...


My beautiful babysitter, Miss S.  The very big positive from the awful circumstances of her getting sacked by the crazy, misguided and misinformed owner of the Little Man's pre-school, is that I can now utilise her magnificent powers over small children as my own personal babysitter.  In this instance to give myself 12+ splendiforous, uninterrupted hours of scrapbooking with my SWANKY Gals today.

Miss S got politicked out of the pre-school and they really made a big mistake about that.  The parents are not happy.  But luckily she found a new job straight away and it is a much better job with great prospects.  Of course I am so glad that she can babysit for me that I almost forgive them for making such a terrible mistake.  Not quite, but I am resolved to put my issues with the entire thing behind me.

Secondly and once again;

The Workaholics new job.  He has worked a lot of extra hours this week because his employer is going overseas today, but even so, I can already see his personality reasserting itself.  I had almost forgotten who he really is!!  With the Little Man being off the rails, I had almost not noticed that the man I have loved for almost 25 years had been missing for quite a while, bogged down under work and family pressures (his siblings not us in this case).  Welcome back!

And Finally;

The one I feel most glad and grateful about right now, the Little Man has returned.  The best thing is I have seen it happening over the last week, but it was brilliant to have three other people I love comment on it too.  Love you Little Man!

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  1. 25 years? Did you guys meet in Primary school? LOL.

    Glad you have a lot to be grateful for this week.

  2. Sound like very good reasons indeed.
    Babysitters are goldust if you ask me and I struggle to find one I trust my children with

  3. this is lovely! I really really miss the families I babysat for back home, I'm now living in a different city with a lot of students so babysitting doesn't happen at all for me anymore. I really miss those interactions with children. I popped over from maxabella! x

  4. Don't you hate the way politics work? But I guess you gain a little from it all. Miss S sounds absolutely brilliant and every family needs a reliable, cherished babysitter. x

  5. E. - we met at the end of yr10.

    Mumsarcade, Maxabella & Georgie Hampton - She is wonderful. The Munchkin is so in love with her too now. He didn't even cry when I left on Saturday and he usually cries for everyone, including when I leave him with his Dad!


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