Friday, 5 August 2011

Things I know and a Flog!

Joining in with Shae from Yay for Home!, things I know as well as Where's my Glow for Flog Ya Blog Friday again this week.

Just because I can.  You can join in too.  Just click on the links above or below.

Have a great weekend!

- The weather is divine in Sydney. Just Deeee-viiine!  It's so good we went swimming and the boys have spent most of the day running around the backyard enjoying the sun.  The house is wide open and the washing is done.

- Yesterdays trip to Ikea is still inspiring me.  I have rearranged my lounge room and sorted out my kitchen cupboards.  I am about to attack the hall (or as it is known in the house of O - the shoe cupboard) and work out just what can be done to organise it so I don't need to keep organising it!!

- This photo makes me smile:

Marilla & The Workaholic snuggling in their sleep.

I woke at 12.30 the other night, I'm pretty sure because subconsciously I remembered I had not put the cats in the laundry, to see this!  I grabbed my phone & uploaded it to Facebook immediately.  It's really funny because he swears she is terrified of him!  They were both snoring gently and it was a really beautiful thing to see, especially as she is on her way out (which is why she has been relegated to the laundry at night - she is losing the plot) and it is such a great memory of the old girl.

- I can't get enough of Dream On by Aerosmith today.  It's on a loop in my brain and I'm not unhappy about it.  It makes me happy the instant I hear the intro and I sing along like a looney at the top of my voice much to the horror of the Little Man who has taken against all things Steve Tyler (I do suspect me singing Dream on may have contributed).

- I finished reading Monica McInerney's  'At home with the Templetons' and was disappointed by the rushed and rather bland ending.  It had such potential.  I hate when a book seems to be heading somewhere that could be great and then fizzles out.  I need something else to read.  Any recommendations?  I have Fiona McIntosh's 'The Quickening' series on my bedside table but I have resisted it, I'm trying to make sure I have a block of time to read them all at once and enjoy!

- I know that participating in these link ups are my blogging life line that make me write on a Friday.  Thanks ladies!

- I know that Friday is Macca's night for the boys in the House of O and I don't care what anyone thinks about that!

I'm having a happy day! What about you?



  1. I know it's been beautiful in Melbourne this week too, and I've loved soaking up the sun!!

    Have a great weekend Sam :)

  2. I know what you mean about the books Sam, have read a couple lately that have started off great and have gone out with a whimper instead of a bang! Geez, what is it with the food tonite? Jane @ Me and My Monkeys has cake on the brain and now you guys are scoffing Maccas ;-) Hungry.Now!

  3. Sydney has been perfect this week indeed.
    It might be pizza night here :)

    Glad you had a productive week getting organised.

  4. That is just THE best photo! Absolutely love it! It gave me a chuckle!!! ;)
    Weather here in Tassie was actually pretty good today too. Loving that things are starting to warm up! Bring on Spring!

  5. Friday night is maccas sundae night after hubs finishes shift here:)

  6. That photo is fantastic. We had Maccas for breakfast this morning ( so easy and put the kids in a great mood for the day!) and I love link-ups too - the highlight of my blogging week! Thanks for sharing!


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