Friday, 24 June 2011

Things I know...

I thought I'd join in on Things I know this week as I have been such a slack blogger this week...

So here goes, Things I know;

- I have been a very slack blogger recently.

- I have two beautiful boys and they make me smile everyday.

- The Workaholic should not be allowed to just take a month off in between jobs, it plays havoc with our routines and the emotional stability of the entire family.

- Saturday afternoon is all mine, while the males of the family go to the movies to see Cars 2.

- Changing my ring tone to a cats meow was very upsetting for my kids and I should just leave it as a phone ring from now on.

- The Little Man, mastered pencil grip (finally), wiping his own bottom (again, finally) and sleeping without a nappy all at once this week.  Go you little over achiever, you are on a roll!

- A spa day is long over due.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Oooooh spa days ! My last one was almost a year ago. So long overdue.
    Jumped over here from Shae's TIK.
    Happy Friday !

  2. Good to know !
    Mine only wipe them own ( Y )sometimes and usually it is me who gets two in a row.
    Though the down side if they do it - it involves half to whole roll each.
    I am excited about going to Cars2 too - love the idea of it but understand Mummy's have to take me time when they can.
    Mu hubby has been home a lot the last 3 months and boy do I notice it.

  3. wiping their own bottom is ace! Less bum wiping from mum is always good!

    Thanks for joining in :)


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