Monday, 19 March 2012


The Workaholic has privacy issues.

I don't.

The House of O is full of conversations that go a little like this:

Workaholic: "You had better not have photos of the Little Man in his school uniform on Facebook".
Me: "Do you really think I would respond to that?"
Workaholic: "Do YOU?"
Me: "Oh shut up."
Workaholic: "Don't put our lives on the Internet."
Workaholic: "I mean it."
Workaholic: "YOU HEAR ME?"
Me: "Yeah. Whatever."
Workaholic:  "You are sad you know. Your friends are all online. You have no life."
Me: "Personally, I think you have that backwards. I have friends.  Where are yours?"

Then it gets really ugly...

I try not to respond and I try to respect his issues, here and on Facebook.

He has only ever referred to Facebook.  From this I am concluding he has not realised I have this blog.  I find that a little strange as I often look at his browsing history, doesn't he do the same?  I leave myself logged on for ease of access.

This blog would probably send him over the edge.  I wonder if I should mention it?

I'm going with, "Hell no!"

Do people close to you know about/read your blog?

I have not actively promoted mine amongst my friends or relatives.  I started it with nothing more than a bit of a whim and have kept it up because I like writing stuff here.  I have no real focus but somehow writing here gives me some structure that often is the thing that gets me going when I am felling overwhelmed or unsure of what I need to do in my day to day activities.  I have a couple of friends who also blog and they know I am here, but as far as I know, that is it.

I fear that as people discover it and I find out they are reading it, I will focus too much on them as the reader and less on what I find value in just writing for myself.

I like to be able to talk about my kids and the Workaholic freely.  They are the centre of my universe and pretty much what I am about.  What would I do if I did not use them for content?  It would change my focus and reason for blogging.  At the moment I feel that I am covering all our needs, but I doubt he would see it that way.

Do you have someone like the Workaholic who have such extreme and opposite views on privacy and the Internet to you?  Do you take it into account in your posts?


  1. Sounds like my mum actually!

    In fact, I'm pretty sure she learnt how to use the internet just to check that I'm not airing 'family business'... There are things I would love to talk about and promote awareness of but can't because it would mean I would lose her.

    Shes also funny about things like street signs, park names, uniform etc. She thinks we will be stalked and killed!

    Personally, I think she has been watching too much news and NCIS lol

    I don't promote my blog to my family/friends either..I did once and payed for it. Everyone started talking about 'you should do this' 'why have you not done that?' 'why don't you talk about me?' 'promote my business!' etc.

    That said, not everyone is like that so you might get a fantastic response from them!

    1. I guess it is universal!
      You just reminded me of a funny story. When my Grandmother was alive, she used to watch the "current affairs" programs religiously and everything they reported she took as absolute truth. My brother is an IT consultant (and boring, serious and very mature with it), she once rang my Mum flustered and worried he was "building bombs on the Internet." Cracked us all up for months, we still, years later often end an argument with "you aren't building bombs on the Internet are you???" Cracks everyone up and the conflict is diffused.


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