Friday, 2 March 2012

Where O Where Have my Time Management Skills Gone?

I'm not sure what is happening to me in 2012, but I am STILL struggling with time management and settling into our new normal.

I have worked out how to get the Little Man to school on time in the morning, but that is without taking the Munchkin.  The Workaholic will soon go back to his early morning starts and I will need to get the Munchkin up and going as well.  He will not be happy.  He usually sleeps until well after the Little Man has started school for the day and does not take kindly to being woken up.

Each night before I go to bed I make up the lunchbox, iron the uniform, polish shoes and lay out undies for the morning.  It means that all I have to do in the morning is feed the Little Man his breakfast and while he dresses, have a shower and get dressed myself.  We then get into the car and drive over to his school.  Including the grumpy two year old into this mix is going to be a disaster!!!

Currently I have the Munchkin home with me on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have worked out how to get him fed into bed by 12.15 for his nap so we can get back to the school in time for the Little Man's teacher to march the class out onto the oval.  During his sleep, I try to do a little housework and get in some Uni work, with child free Thursday and Friday for the bulk of my study.  Most days  so far I have not dane any study and this week I have the Munchkin home all week with a chest infection so I have lost my child free study time.

Today I managed to submit an assessment.  I was so happy.  Then as if on cue, the reminder I have in my phone for the next assessment task due chimed completely ruining my buzz!!  Of course I then realised it was school pick up time...

Now the Little Man wants to play soccer with his mates in a Saturday comp.  Training is on Thursday afternoons.  There goes another chunk of my time if I let him, which of course I will.  The Workaholic can't do either day.  I am sooo not a soccer Mum!!

I think I need some sort of time management refresher course.  I swear I don't remember ever having this much trouble getting organised when I had a job!

How's your time management?

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