Monday, 12 March 2012

Sunday Night Dinner

In the House of O, Sunday night used to be roast dinner night but it has evolved into Daddy cooks bolognese night.

It was THAT good!

Usually it is great. This week with two very tired children he made a mistake.

He listened to their requests.

This resulted in him cooking bolognese with fettuccine for he and I, spirals for the Munchkin and boiled eggs and soldiers for the Little Man.  This is where it all went horribly wrong.

There was only one egg left in the fridge.

So he had me watch the first lot of pasta cook and he dashed off to the local shop to buy some.

While he was gone I drained the pasta and put on the fettuccine.

He came back and took over.  Boiled and promptly dropped the eggs on the floor.

The overtired child whined and he made some more.

Meanwhile he fed the Munchkin and I our yummy bolognese.

Eventually he settled the kids and ate his own dinner, leaving the mess for me to clean up, as usual.

I don't think he will make this mistake again!

The Workaholic cooking for us on a Sunday night is a really great little family ritual.

Does your family have any rituals like this?

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