Friday, 9 March 2012

Another Baby?

My friends C & T's soon to be here bub.  She has attitude, like her Mums!

I have two beautiful little boys.  Both IVF miracles.

I also have two little frosty embryos in storage.

I am turning 41.

I think I should donate the embryos.

The Workaholic does not.

It's an ongoing point of, um lets say, discussion in the House of O.

My kids have hit an age where they are to some extent self sufficient.  I can sleep through the night.  They can get into the car and get their seat belts on or at least ready for me to clip in, in the Munchkins case (yeah I know, it's a weitd thing, but it really makes me happy).  I don't need to get the pram out of the car every time we go anywhere.  They can shower on their own.  They can even get dressed on their own.

Do I want to go back to the baby stage?  Do I want to go through morning sickness and the unrelenting tiredness of pregnancy?  Can I even cope with broken sleep anymore?

It's a tough one.  If I had had my kids younger this would not be an issue.  I would have happily had four kids.  But I am old and tired now.

The Workaholic is all heart.  My head has kicked in for this one.  My heart is with him.  "Let's try for another baby" says my heart.  My head says "NO!".

Babies are fantastic, I have great memories of my boys as bubs and it is sad that that is all over, but realistically, I am just not sure I can live through the pregnancy and baby stage the way I feel right now.

How do I make this decision?  Time is not on my side.


  1. Gosh Sam... I dunno. That's a tough one. I finished with having babies when I was 20!

    Could I do it again at 41? Nope. No way. But of course I've not had the experience of IVF and the dilemma of what to do with frozen embryos.

    Obviously no words of wisdom coming from my direction!

    1. Bahaha! You sure you don't want my embryos Lisa? I can see you with another bubby... ;)

  2. Geez, not you, too. I am holding on to you as a bastion of wisdom and reason on this one. Desperate for a little boy here - keep trying to tell myself that that is not a given; probably would like to walk; would go completely insane; DH is, um, NOT keen; but those bloody hormones...


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