Thursday, 15 March 2012

Brought to You by the Letter of the Week, F

This weeks letter of the week was F.

The Little Man worked on Me all week for this one.

This weeks News card. He added
'Boy' and 'Girl' next to each diagram.

He asked me to buy him a Siamese Fighting Fish so he could take it in and be King of the News, again.

He knows me well.

We had bargaining and guilt laid on thick, but ultimately the reason I gave in was that on Friday I had met with his teacher and she had shown me a picture he had drawn.

Of the school on fire.

His suggestion of a Fighting Fish replacement was a Fire Engine. Um, no, not a good idea.

This was how I was sold.  I went out and bought the Fish and the accompanying paraphernalia at the first opportunity.

Then we researched them so he had his three unique points to talk about.
  1. The male fish are the most colourful and have the long fins.
  2. The males fight if they are in the same tank.
  3. They can live in a puddle of water and have an organ which lets them breathe oxygen from the air.
  4. He was also impressed with the fact that they can jump and therefore need a lid on the tank, so he went for 4 points this week.
I suggested he name it Frankenfish because it is a mish-mash of all of the colours Siamese Fighting fish come in, in one fish, but he went with Freddy.

So Freddy the Fighting Fish is now having a little time in KM, being ogled by all the Kindergarten before coming home at the end of the week to his new residence somewhere in the House of O (not near the Goldfish, he tried to get them through the glass the other night, so apparently species identification is not a talent).

Next week is D and he is already throwing ideas out there for consideration!

The Little Man it seems, is a News overachiever.

Do your kids take their News this seriously, or do I need to seek professional advice?


  1. I have a question... How on earth are you going to keep this up the entire year?! ;-)

    I had a Siamese Fighting Fish. The poor thing froze to death two winters ago. It gets cold in my house. That reminds me of another F-word...

    1. LOL! He's an overachiever! I am fading fast. He's going to be on his own very soon... unless he ropes Dad into his schemes!

  2. I'd go the professional advice option. Not sure it is for the Little Man, 'though ;-)


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