Saturday, 10 March 2012

Back to O.T.

Mrs M, the Little Man's teacher asked to meet me yesterday afternoon.  She wanted to talk to me about his fine motor skills issues.  The Little Man was premmie and we did a lot of Gymbaroo and some O.T. with him to get him up to speed.  He seems pretty normal for his age most of the time.  But it is now that he us in the serious learning to read and write stage that he is showing he is still behind.

Basically his brain is outstripping his hands.  I did take him to a few sessions of O.T. after it was suggested by the pre school, but he hated the woman so much that she felt his behaviour was the problem and that his pencil grip, while immature was OK and would mature in it's own time.  So I found it all too stressful and stopped going.

I have my own views on this stuff.  It annoys me that every second kid is referred to an occupational therapist (I know statistically incorrect and I am exaggerating, but it does seem over prescribed).  It annoys me that we as parents are expected to do so much of the teaching (and me with an education degree, go figure).  It annoys me that kids are expected to achieve stuff in kindergarten that we did in first grade (I was shocked when I saw his text books - the same as my first grade ones).

I am racking my brains now about just how I can make this a game to him so he will co-operate.  I am also trying to stay out of it as much as possible.  I know he and I have a personality clash, it is why I would never consider home schooling for him.

Anyway I am going to have to bite the bullet and get him into the O.T. so he can write down what is in his head and doesn't get disillusioned by it all and just give up.  Luckily his school has an on site O.T. who works closely with his teacher.  It seems like the perfect solution.  I'm hoping there is no personality clash this time and he works with them to improve his fine motor skills.

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