Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Letter of the Week, D

D turned out to be an easy one.

The Little Man decided last Friday that he would take Dominos.

So I had an easy week. I produced this:

I made sure it and the Dominos were in his school bag on Wednesday morning.

That was it!

Next week it is R. Let's hope he does not decide he must take a rabbit and spend the entire week pestering me for one!!


  1. you could have pictured a pizza...

    I wonder how many kids took their dad to school.

    1. He's onto taking Richard for next week...

  2. LOL! I so think that he should!

    Of course, if you get a rabbit, you will be set for Easter. You know that Easter eggs are really Easter bunny poo, don't you? Just imagine - Easter egg hunt all prepared for you!


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