Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bought to You by the Letter of the Week, I

So this weeks letter for the Little Man's news has been difficult.

Something beginning with the letter I.

I put out a call for aid on Facebook and Twitter.  There were lots of great suggestions to run past the Little Man for the final decision.

Icing Sugar
Indian Flag
iphone, ipad or ipod
Impy Ink from letter land
Idol (apparently a photo of me would suffice)
Imaginary friend

I thought they were amazing and that he was spoiled for choice.

So he jumped in the car Tuesday afternoon and I told him that I had a list to go through with him.  He said "No, it's OK Mum, I'm going to take some information books."

He even picked books about the Inside in the the title for another "I"

Well that was surprisingly easy in the end.  He pulled out some of his favourite non-fiction books and told me what he planned to say and that was the end of it.  His teacher tells me that it was a brilliant presentation again.  He loves News.  I think he loves an audience.

I hope he continues to like preparing for and presenting his news on Wednesdays and that my level of involvement remains this low!!


  1. Wow, what an awesome I-news choice! Very clever boy you have there.

  2. He is decisive and stubborn, Lee, it apparently did not surprise his teacher to hear how he made the choice!

    He's trying to convince me to let him take a fire engine for "f" this week but he drew a picture of the school on fire last week so I am trying to steer him in another direction!


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