Sunday, 4 March 2012

I Hate Ironing

Another thing I should have considered when choosing a school with a uniform that needs ironing, daily. 

I do not buy clothes that need ironing as a rule.

I hate you

I regret not thinking about this more.

Especially, as I am about to go to bed and I remember that I have not done the uniform yet.

Every. Fecking. night.


  1. Can't you just hang those shirts on a hanger straight out of the washing machine and let them dry in shape?

    Maybe 5 mins in the dryer before putting it on also helps to avoid creases, without the need to iron! *fingers crossed*

    1. I hange everything on hangers to dry Lisa. I am the queen of lazy laundering. They still need the iron, but I am working on simplifying the whole process and have not resented it as much this week...


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