Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Straight to the Pool Room...

Yesterday the Little Man came home with a merit award.  Not just a sticker, a bona fide, part of the school's official merit system, signed and sealed (with a star sticker), on a proper printed piece of board, award.

What for you ask (I certainly did)?

"his excellent effort and positive attitude towards his writing."

Where did it go?

Straight to the pool room of course! Well it would have if I had a pool room in the House of O.

It is totally unexpected.  The Little Man is not known for his co-operation in the classroom and his teacher has been battling with him on many different issues.  Knowing this, I did not expect him to enter the schools merit system, especially not in term 1.  Well done Little Man!  It is always great when one of your children surprises you in a positive way.

Sadly now I find myself thinking that he only has 4 more Bronzes to go to get a Silver...  Pressure much?  Overachieving Mum here!!

On the pool room front, today a friend posted this on Facebook because she knew it would totally appeal to me.  So here it is for your entertainment!  Enjoy!

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  1. Good on him! It's always so great for them to get a boost like that :) And thanks for the clip- made me giggle!

    1. I think his teacher is totally onto his motivators. He has not put down a pen since. He's writing and colouring upo a storm!

  2. Yay! What a top effort from you're little guy! So nice when they have a change of attitude :)

    1. He's very pleased with himself. I think he is probably plotting just how to get another. He is a bit of a problem solver.


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