Monday, 2 April 2012

The End of Daylight Saving

I know I may be considered a total freak for this, but I love the end of Daylight Saving time!

image off my harddrive, no idea of it's origin. I love it though.

Yesterday I was not woken by children, my Mum and Dad were, thanks to some last minute clever thinking on my part.  I arranged to drop them off after soccer on Saturday and the Workaholic wandered over and picked them up yesterday afternoon.  Both he and I got to sleep in.  Magnificent!

Then they came home exhausted at 2pm after a morning playing with their cousin and both had two hour afternoon sleeps.  Amazingly the Munchkin asked to go to bed at 7pm and the Little Man followed at 8pm.  One smooth day!

This morning we were all up at 6, which is about 45 minutes early, so breakfast, teeth and dressing were all completed smoothly and we were in the car early.  Early enough for me to do a coffee run BEFORE the school run, and we made it to school almost 10 minutes before the obligatory 8am.  Flying start to the day!

I'm not sure how we will fare with swimming lessons this evening, but I am remaining optimistic that this will be a good day all round!

How's the end of Daylight Saving transition treating your family?


  1. I like the extra hour's sleep - should I ever get it!

    1. And the sun up in the mornings is really nice when school starts at 8am!!


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