Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Moving from Feeling Unemployable to Woman with a Plan

Before children I had a job.  A real job.  One where people would ask "What do you do?" at parties and be actually interested in my reply.

Then I quit and opened a bead shop while I was undergoing IVF.  Very satisfying but not exactly a highly respected career path.

Now I feel unemployable.

Yes it is a cliché.  Yes I am a cliché. 

This week has been a week of decisions.  When we moved into this house last July I had a vague notion that the back room in this house would make a good studio space.  This week after months of study stress, husband stress and most of all children stress, I decided I would go back to work which led to the startling discovery that my qualification has been superseded not once, but twice while I was off making and raising children.  I am studying something else entirely, something I like with a long term view to move into a different career.  I am not interested in upgrading a qualification in a field I ultimately have no intention of working in.

I'm stuffed.

If I want a job I have to upgrade or get an administration job. B.O.R.I.N.G.

Instead I started looking at retail space to rent so I could reopen my shop.  Of course it was not long till common sense kicked in and I realised after the 2012 we've had so far there is no money in the kitty to do this.  Even with the stock and fittings I still have.

My old logo

It was annoying because my time in the shop was some of the happiest and most relaxed times in my life.  I was so sad we had to close up when The Little Man was about 18months old because the arcade was renovated and we could not afford the post renovation rates.  

I looked at the back room and had a light bulb moment.

So I am busily working toward setting up my studio and knocking out a few sample pieces before Uni goes back and my time is once again limited.

Classes in beading, Art Clay Silver and a variety of other little crafty gems will recommence in the coming months.  I'm so excited and inspired.  I do love a good project!

It feels like coming home.

Have you had any potentially life changing light bulb moments lately?

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