Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pre-School Graduation...

was definitely the highlight of my busy week.  They go so over the top for pre-school these days!  It was at the Town Hall!!!

This photo just cracks me up!

Man I've been busy over the last week.

Sorry Internet I have not been paying you any attention.  Did you miss me?

It's all been happening.  Here's what I managed to write about;

We got our Santa Photo which I posted on Wednesday.  I was quite pleased.  They are so hit and miss aren't they?

I applied for my new Masters course at University, which I had a little whine about here.

Polly Dolly and I had an imaginary outing in a blue and white stripe bikini, that would not cover any of my bits in reality...

And here's what I didn't get too;

On Thursday my Mum and my niece came up to my place for a play date with the boys.  They had a ball and as always I sat back and thought how nice it is that my kids have at least one cousin that they see out of the total of 19 they have.  Later in the afternoon, my friend N dropped by with her three and mayhem ensued (the good kind).  It was a great day for the kids and they slept so well on Thursday night.

Friday was my Mum's birthday and we rang her and sang Happy Birthday.  It was gorgeous because it is the first birthday that I have both kids who can sing along.  Very cute.  It was also pre-school orientation for the Munchkin and he surprised us all by taking to it like a duck to water.  We also had the opthamologist appointment for the Little Man.  They pushed us through in under two hours.  I was so appreciative.  The Little Man was great and actually tested better than in his StEPS session.  He is still not in the normal range, but the Doctor is giving him a few more months for them to get there, before he is prescribed glasses.  We have our fingers and toes crossed!  He had the drops to dilate his eyes, so he left the office wearing aviator sunnies, looking and feeling very cool!

Mates after graduation, the Little Man in his aviators

The big day was Saturday.  His pre-school graduation and Christmas Party.  It was fab and there were many teary Mummies in the audience.  He posed for pictures in the Sun in his aviators as his eyes were still dilated.  It made for some interesting photos.  After the party my Mum and Dad stayed for a BBQ and my Dad hacked back the vines that had overrun the pergola and pool area.  What a guy!  It is great to be able to actually see the pool again.  My Mum helped the Little Man put up and decorate the Christmas tree.  I'm so glad someone did, because I hate the task...

Dad refusing to be defeated by the pool

Some of the vines Dad cut back

The tree, decorated by the Little Man -
he's still tweaking it and it looks quite
different to this now but the lounge is too
far away this evening for me to get
a new picture...
My arm was not quite long enough
to get me in the picture... ;)

Birthday Cake for Mum

Today I managed to get some scrapbooking done.  I did an 8x8 album to send to my Aunt as an annual review of my boys.  She is going to love it.  I'm really pleased with how it came out.  I can't wait to pop it in the post.

So I have been busy doing everyday things with a couple of milestone events thrown in.   It's a crazy time of year.  What have you been up to this week?

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