Friday, 16 December 2011

Things I know...

This week;

I know it has been a few weeks since my last things I know post.

I know it is Shae's last week hosting and I'd like to say thanks!  This linky has kept me writing every week.  I for one appreciate your effort.

I know that Christmas is next week and because I did my online shopping last week, I have everything  (except the trampoline, but it's coming tomorrow) and am feeling relaxed about the whole shebang.  Nice place to be.

I know that my pool filter crapped itself again this week and the pool went dark green overnight on Sunday night.  Spunky pool guy Angus came to the rescue and is getting it all ship shape by Monday for me.  Now we just need some Summer weather...

I know I love the slightly weird wedding dress in the Estee Lauder Beautiful ad.  Not being one for weddings or their paraphernalia, it surprises me that I have an opinion.

Best photo I could find.

I know that as well as that terrible 12 days of Christmas Bonds ad (so wrong in so many ways) I also hate that Choice ad with the psychotic smiling Mum who serves up melted ice cream cones but keeps smiling like the Joker from Batman.  Ewww.  What is this ad about exactly?  It's weird and I can't find it anywhere on the Internet.  Let me know if you can, I'd love to link to it.

I know that the Little Man's friends are all leaving pre-school next week, leaving him on his own for January while he helps the Munchkin settle in.  Makes me sad.

So what do you know this week?  Check out the Linky over with Shae at Yay For Home!.


  1. Well done on having Christmas under control! I, on the other hand, do not. I've got a few of the presents happening, but aside from that, I've not done much. We don't even have a tree yet.

    1. Slacker I am - I just saw this comment all these months later! So sorry. I hope all went well for you at Christmas.


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