Friday, 23 December 2011

Customer Service Is Not Dead

Today I had to cancel my missing Visa card and get a new one issued.  As it is so close to Christmas I decided the best plan of attack to ensure access to my money over the break was to go into the bank and sort it out in person.

Here I shuddered at the thought.  Shops? This close to Christmas?  Am I mad?

I bundled the boys into the car and drove in the direction of two local shopping centres that have St George branches, trying to decide which carpark had the potential to yield a spot for me.  I made the decision and told the boys to ask the parking angels to arrange a spot for us.  Do you know about the parking angels?  They are real and if you truly believe, give them enough notice and thank them profusely they ALWAYS find a parking spot.  You must be a true believer though.  In our case there were three true believers in the car.

The parking angels came through.  People driving around everywhere looking for spots and I drove into one moments after I entered the carpark and it was in my preferred area.  Score! Thank you parking angels.

Anyway we toddled into the bank and selected the non teller option on the ticket machine and stood waiting for a free person.  My number was not called (it was not that busy), instead Troy came out of his office and asked me what he could help me with and invited us in.  I explained the situation.  He pulled out a new Visa card, logged onto my account, cancelled the missing one, waived the replacement fee and activated my new card.  At the same time, my boys were being rather loud and one was spinning like a whirling dervish on a visitors chair.  He engaged them in conversation about Santa and how many sleeps etc while I set up a new PIN and signed the card.  He noticed that I am a newish customer and asked if I had accounts for them yet (smooth up selling, I liked it, he was very good) and said he could do it and give them a new account pack.  So without any fuss, no birth certificates or break in his conversation with my kids he set them up with new accounts and St George kids packs.  They were stoked.  I was impressed.


It was so simple and stress free.

I recently left my lifelong bank because of the crappy customer service I received.  They were so rude to me, I cried.  THEY MADE ME CRY!  Of course I left them!  I switched to St George simply because the Workaholic has an account with them and I needed an account fast.

Now St George are not paying me, this is just me telling you about how a St George employee named Troy at their Gordon branch has restored my faith in Customer Service and banks (well one bank) just a little bit.  Thank you Troy.  I really appreciated your help and patience.

Who knew a bank would make me feel all gooey inside?  Nice work, Troy.

Have you been the recipient of any good customer service lately?

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  1. Well done, Troy.

    It's always nice to hear of good customer service, especially at this time of year.

    I hope you and your family have a great Christmas.


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