Monday, 12 December 2011

I need Summer Cothes

I am finding it impossible to think about shopping for Summer clothes while this weird Sydney weather is hanging around.  I know I am going to regret my malaise the minute we get an actual Summer day, but it does not change the fact that thinking about cool t shirts and floaty Summer dresses is bloody impossible while it is pouring with rain and well under 20 degrees.

Even having a pedicure holds no interest for me and I hate my toes in the nude!!

Is Summer going to come?  I am seriously doubting it as I sit here wearing Winter weight jodpurs that I didn't even wear during Winter and a cardigan over my tunic top.

Too shy to include a photo of myself today.

All of my Summer clothes are on the way out, and I do not mean in the fashion sense, I mean in the worn out sense.  Summer is not my favourite season and I am not a great shopper in  any case, so my Summer wardrobe is about 1/10th the size of my Winter one leaving most things in very high rotation.

Polyvore was my solution I thought.  A summer Polly Dolly set would do the trick, but guess what?  As soon as I started looking into clothes, I got sucked into the Winter clothing.  Boots.  Hats.  Yummy knits.  I'm tragic.  I can't even look at catalogue clothes, without focusing on seasonally inappropriate items.  I am a total disaster.  I fear I will be embarrassing my son at school drop off time next year with holey t shirts, sarongs and faded shorts.  I will certainly standout if I can go on the clusters of Yummy Mummys I see at the school gates most mornings.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get myself motivated to buy some Summer clothes??

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  1. You could take the option we had here today... I was muttering about all the washing in the laundry and how much better it would be if everyone went naked for a while. I returned to the lounge room to find two boys completely stripped!

    Still might raise some eyebrows at the school gates, 'though.


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