Thursday, 22 December 2011

I went to a wedding and I liked it

I know, I hate weddings.

I swear I really do.  Last weekend though I went to one and I had a great time.

I found out about it just mere hours before the event as the Workaholic had not bothered to let me in on the fact that we had an invitation.

It was on a property and it was a Hangi.  It turns out the Workaholics first.  How does a person get to almost 41 without experiencing food cooked underground?  I was truly surprised.

The bride is from the UK, the groom from New Zealand.  It was an eclectic mix of guests, but it had a strong Maori presence and feel about it.

Both the Bride and Groom had been married twice before and have 9 children and 8 grandchildren between them.  What kind of hope and faith does that exhibit?  I am always amazed when people get married for a second, third or even fourth time.  I can not imagine being hopeful enough to marry again if my marriage did not work out.

Pulling up the basket

Preparing the buffet table

Bride, Groom and two of her daughters
Her dress was Beautiful.  I wish I had taken 360 degree photos
the back was as beautiful as the front and it had a gorgeous side detail.

Cutting the cake

I struggled to get a good shot, but there were lots of Kiwi songs.

I had a great time.  The food was fantastic and there was soooooo much of it!

The entire thing was just great.  It was casual but had a great style.  The bride looked beautiful and her bridemaids looked fabulous in their bright red with black thongs, even the one who was 9 months pregnant!  The grooms me were so elegant in black pants and cream untucked shirts.

The weather was spectacular, completely out of the current trend in Sydney.  Mother Nature is shining down on this union I think.  They seem so perfect together.

Look at that sky! Yes it really is Sydney!

So my new stand on Weddings is that if there is a Hangi or if I find out about it just beforehand, I am happy to attend!!

Congratulations Mick and Linda!


  1. Sound like a great day. Glad you enjoyed yourself and that the wedding party had great weather on their special day.

  2. Congrats to Mick and Linda from my end too! I love to attend weddings,'its a good way to socialize after all and meet like-minded people,you never know you may end up making some very good friends there!I'm glad you had a rocking time there.
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