Friday, 16 December 2011

Everything has arrived...

Everything except the bloody trampoline, that is.

OK I admit I procrastinated just a bit about the trampoline.  I mean there were so many considerations.

The Springfree ones are "safe" but cost so much and we move, alot.  I'm not sure I could cope with the worry of moving one of those without damage!!

Then I looked at Vuly, which I call mid range price and I love their tent and the little designs on the mat.  That was my trampoline of choice. But then again, I remembered how often we move and exactly where the swing set is right now, four months after we moved.  So I decided to look for something else.

This is in the corner of the back yard thanks to the Workaholic. 
Charming garden feature? Why, yes it is, thanks for noticing.

So in the end I hunted around for the best value one with an internal net that is rated to 150kg and I struck it lucky.  I ordered one with free freight from the Trampoline warehouse and ended up with a larger one than I had been looking at in the more expensive brands, but with higher rates steel.  Score!

The only problem is that I was expecting it to be here Wednesday when the Little Man was at Pre-school.  Today is Friday and still no sign.

I just had a call from the frieght company telling me that box 1 of 4 was missing, so they did not want to deliver without all 4 boxes.  Then he told me that I should get onto the trampoline warehouse to make sure I got it before Christmas.  As we discussed this he found my missing parcel! Yee Haa!  So finally I can expect the trampoline to arrive tomorrow before 4.30pm, but not to worry if I'm not home as nobody is going to stalk off down the street with 90kg boxes... OKAAAAAY.

Have all of your online Christmas presents arrived?

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