Monday, 26 December 2011

Friday was the end of an era

And I cried most of the day.

If I didn't know better I'd swear I was pregnant!!  Emotional is not the word.

I started losing it on Thursday night while he and I wrapped pressies for the teachers and his 3 little besties.  It was the birthday card for his best mate that pushed me over the edge. 

"I will miss you every single day."

I'm crying now.  It's heart breaking.

He is going to school with one of the group but the other two are going to two other schools.  They have been a bit like the fantastic four.  They are a wonderful group of kids with lovely parents.  Early on the teachers were calling them "friends for life" because it is an attachment they see so rarely.

 I feel it has been something quite special and may never happen again in their school lives, I think that is what makes it so sad for me.  I know how rare friendships like theirs can be.

I have no problems with the Little Man starting school, he is ready and the possibilities for him are endless, that is exciting.  Leaving his friends is my Kryptonite.

How did you feel about your kids moving from pre school to big school?  Am I over the top?


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  2. Time marches on Sam. All the best with the transition!


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