Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Is education about the bits of paper?

I'm returning to University in 2012, to do a post graduate qualification - if I can get my application lodged in time.

Along with the other ingredients in the stew of things to-do, sloshing around in my head, I have had trouble getting it done.

Today I sat down to do it and struck a couple of interesting roadblocks to my plan of doing it in a single sitting.

Firstly it requires my HSC information including a certified copy and my "score".  I have no idea what my score was.  It ceased to be important to me somewhere between my last exam on November 21, 1988 (I only remember this date because I went for my driving test at 7am the next morning so I could drive up the coast for the required post HSC break) and January 11, 1989, the day the post man walked the envelope up to my front door and was disappointed by me throwing said envelope, unopened onto the lounge and continuing my telephone conversation.  I knew I would get into university, so the details were not important.  But back to my application, I needed to put in a score on the electronic form, I did what I always do in these situations, I rang my Mum!  She had a stab at 479 (um, Go Mum!?) and we decided that since it really was irrelevant to a post graduate degree as I was obviously supplying my university transcripts,  I would throw in a random number and not supply a certified copy as I have no idea where to even start looking for that!!

While I had her on the phone I also asked Mum what dates are on my degrees because I forget when I did those, and to get my transcripts emailed over, because somewhere along the way they ended up hanging in her office, transcripts and all.  I never thought to hang them up myself.  She even had them framed, something I would never think to do.  That's what parents are for.

Anyway the whole thing made me ponder my attitude well that and how stupid the form is to require HSC details for a post grad course that has the prerequisite of an undergraduate degree.

I think education is important and I like studying and learning new things in general.  I expect my own kids to attend some form of formal education post school and to do some continuous learning throughout their chosen career. 

It's not that I don't value education, it is just the bits of paper I find meaningless.

What's your take on higher education?  Are the bits of paper the bits that count?

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