Friday, 25 November 2011

When are Shorts not Shorts?

I have a bee in my bonnet about shorts.

Tragic when good people go psycho over ridiculous things isn't it?

I just want to know why boys shorts are so long, I really feel like I'm lying when I call them shorts, but little girls shorts are so short they are indecently disappearing up their buts?

These are longer than alot I've seen

These are just a bit longer than most we have, but not by a massive amount.

Anyone have an answer?

Seriously, it is impossible to buy a pair of shorts for boys that is worthy of the name.  My boys hate it.  All shorts are too hot, too long, too big according to them.  They possibly hate it more when I offer to cut them off... But that is definitely more about my sewing than the shorts and a whole other post.

Then I look at my God Daughters and their shorts are so short my paedophile radar goes on high alert.  Why wouldn't some creepy guy hang around when these little girls have it all out on show??

Their Mother tells me that it is so frustrating shopping for shorts as they are all too short and the pairs they are wearing were the only ones she thought may be long enough. 

What is the world coming to?  Boys showing their knees is obviously not OK in this new world of long shorts, but girls get to show 2/3rds of their buts and all is OK.  I'm so confused by this one.

It goes without saying that the girls ones cost twice as much as my boys ones that have possibly three times the fabric in them.

Have you any thoughts on shorts?  Have you noticed this trend?

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  1. This makes me mental! I found one pair of shorts long enough for my 8yo daughter a few months ago and bought all 4 colours. I didn't even like them but am glad I bought them because they are the only ones I've found. They went like hotcakes and never were restocked. There are also hardly any dresses with sleeves, rare as hens teeth. Slip slop slap doesn't exist where these clothes are designed!!!

    Kmart has some t-shirt material shorts for boys that aren't too long. They look like they're wearing pajamas but at least it isn't shin length denim!

    The manufacturers need to sort this out. I honestly think I buy less because I can't find styles I want.


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