Friday, 25 November 2011

Things I know

The Nick Cave Edition.

I know that I have been a Nick Cave admirer for a very long time.

I know that recently I am having Nick Cave hour once the boys are in bed, more and more.

I know that even though his music is usually rather, ehem, melancholy, I find it cheers me up.

I know that I struggle to pick a favourite song but am pretty sure it's a three way tie between The Weeping Song, The Ship Song and Henry Lee.  If pushed to pick one, today it would be The Weeping Song, last week Henry Lee (I was loving the film clip) but usually it would probably be The Ship Song. 

I know that I chose to embed Henry Lee today because I think it would be the one fewer people would be familiar with.  Enjoy.

I know that Nick gives good duet. People love to work with him.

I know I was completely floored last week when the Workaholic announced that his favourite song is a Nick Cave song.  I had no idea that he even knew who Nick Cave was, I mean he's an Air Supply, Eagles or Chicago kind of guy (Hey I never said he had good taste).  On music we have very little in common.  Then he told me it was Into my arms and all was explained, very commercial.

I know that Nick Cave is a legend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. Love love love! Henry Lee is my favourite song, but the Murder Ballads album in its entirety is just sheer brilliance.

    My husband and I agree on very little music, but that album is one we definitely do both like.

  2. Nick cave is extodinary, I also love the weeping song. I remember when I first saw it on rage many, many, years ago. Recently added it to our iTunes and it still makes me feel so heartstrung.

  3. @Jayne - You are so right. It is a fantastic album. Chilling, but inspired.

    @rex - The weelping song is magic. I just love the hand clapping rythym, it just comes out of nowhere! So unexpected. It is a great clip too.


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