Thursday, 17 November 2011

Off the Air, Mentally

I have no idea where I found this image, also a symptom of being off the air.

I am most definitely off the air mentally at the moment.

After many weeks off way too much stress in the House of O, it has finally abated but now I find myself unable function and plan.

My brain has just said, Enough and I am in a mental no mans land where I seem to get through each day but not achieve anything meaningful.

Blogging has fallen victim in a big way.  I like to try and keep my blog ticking over, be it with meaningless, trivial bits and bobs, but in my current state I am totally unable to even post a Wordless Wednesday photo or think of anything I know.

I'm hoping to do a hard reboot this Saturday and return to something like normal next week.

Stay tuned, I have not abandoned you...

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