Friday, 4 November 2011

Things I Know...

This week I know that I was not going to do a Things I Know post but somehow, here I am doing just that.  Somethings are just bigger than me and my plans, obviously Shae has woven a spell over me and I am unable to resist the allure of the Things I Know Linky!!

I know that I have a cold and the lounge is calling my name, very loudly.  I can see a couple of SG1 episodes in my afternoon while the Munchkin sleeps.

I know that I just love this photo.

I know that I am glad that both my Boys Birthday Parties are over till next August.

I know that even though it is 51 days till Christmas, I have not bought a single present.

I know that I have eight birthday gifts to purchase before Christmas.

I know that I am very Bah Humbug about Christmas this year and it is going to take a mammoth effort on my part to get motivated to even write a to do list.

I know that not having even done the basics around the house today will make for a busy cleaning day tomorrow, and I am actually OK with that.  This is a big achievement for me.  I like the house tidy and usually could not let it stay untouched over night.

I know that the Lane Cove Toy Library is not going to get its pirate ship back on time this week because the van is still at the mechanics.  Hopefully there are no other Pirate Parties planned this week requiring its use!

I know that ordering my green groceries online using Sydney Fresh and having them delivered to my door with a smile is fantastic and I have no idea why I stopped doing it a year ago.  We are regulars again now.  I love delivery night dinner.  The boys love eating everything raw, so it ends up being a simple and healthy meal.

I know that I have a heap of home admin to do this weekend.  My hint was the filing box collapsing under its own weight...

I know that if it's hot this weekend my newly repaired pool will be getting some serious use after being out of action for every hot day we've had so far this Spring.

I know that the small patch job turned into this...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. Glad the party went well, hope you feel better soon

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Sounds rough. Enjoy the couch.

    I've done nothing for Christmas either... really ought to get onto writing a list of some description before it all becomes a mad panic.

    Love the pirate photo. Very cute.


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