Thursday, 3 November 2011

Man Flu

Today I am sick.

On Saturday I fell of a ladder while I was putting up Jolly Roger bunting and sprained my ankle (the Workaholic is still certain it is broken and upset that I have not been to the doctor or had an xray) but of course there was too much to do to stop and be ambulanced (is that a real verb??) to the local hospital to waste the whole night.  But I digress, this is not my issue today.  This is about Man Flu.

man flu
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I knew it was inevitable that I would end up with the Munchkin's cold.  I held it off long enough to get through the birthday party and to function like normal for most of this week.  Now I am just wretched.  My throat is shredded, my nose is running like a tap, my ears are blocked and I am feverish.  It sucks..

It's times like these I wish I could, without conscience behave like a man and just collapse on the lounge and moan and snuffle and do NOTHING.  The Workaholic is an expert Man Flu sufferer.

The problem with Man Flu when you are a Mum (or even a just a female) is that it takes at least 3 days to clean up the mess the rest of the household makes while Mum is horizontal for a single day.  So I am battling on with the aid of Codral, coffee and chocolate cake.

Men with Man Flu pee me off, it is just pure, sheer laziness.  The fact that it appears to be hormonal just sounds like bunkum to me.

What's your opinion of Man Flu?

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  1. I hope you are recovering from the ankl injury and also the cold / flu.


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